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KANNABEIRA® is a StartUp project and a registered trademark under the Company Green Donation, Ltd.

We are located at the heart of Portugal, less than 100 kms to Spain, in the Municipality of Fundão. A rejuvenated and dynamical municipality, at the bottom of the highest mountains in Portugal, where our crops nourish from the pure water of Serra de Estrela.

With an average 280 sunny days a year and mid to temperate temperatures, is the ideal place for the project.

We have strong roots in Spain while are about to start flowering in the sunny interior of Portugal, our solid position in the Iberian Peninsula make us a strong player of the sector, with a team that has demonstrated its ability to shift and adapt quickly and effectively to new legislations concerning cannabis at both sides of the border as well as at an European level, well in advance than other players in the industry.

KANNABEIRA® is strategically positioned and in an excellent relation with Portuguese and Spanish authorities, agencies, associations and a group of strong partners needed to succeed in the region. We are set to become a quality reference for the cultivation, production and research of cannabis and its derivatives for medical purposes in Portugal, our Executive Team gathers more than 50 years combined of experience in agricultural operations and genetic selection of which 25 are related to cannabis in different countries and under different legislations and aims to offer the best quality GACP products to partners in the Medical Cannabis industry.

KANNABEIRA® main objectives are to supply the Portuguese and Spanish pharmaceutical market as well as export raw and externally transformed oils and derivatives through supply agreements and different partnerships, focusing on High Quality Cultivation, R&D on the Plant Biotech and Health Sciences fields, Implementation of Organic, Sustainable and Regenerative Farming Techniques, and Securing IP.